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Flori’s Pizza brings to you a list of the most appetising and mouth-watering pizzas Coventry. Whether it is just a normal get-together with your friends or a birthday event, we have curated our menu with the best pizzas to satisfy your taste buds.

Our pizza restaurant Coventry is the one-stop destination for all pizza lovers seeking a delightful culinary experience. We are located at 189 Walsgrave Rd, Coventry CV2 4HH and are open every day from 2PM to 11 PM.

However, if you cannot come over to our pizza shop Coventry, we suggest you place an order online. We will ensure our lovely pizzas are delivered to you via our Pizza delivery Coventry as soon as possible.

Hence, you can now stop searching for, “Pizza Near Me” or “Pizza Places Coventry” and get in touch with us. We will deliver the joy to your doorsteps!

That said, take a look at our “Pizza Near Coventry” Pizza menu:

As our pizza shop Coventry is a trusted location for the best pizza in Coventry, we have curated our menu with the following dishes:

Flori’s Special Pizza

This is a perfect dish for those who like savoury flavours and the taste of meat on their pizza. Flori’s Pizza is available in large, medium and small sizes.

Meat Supreme Pizza

Meat Supreme Pizza Coventry is a perfect combination of marinara sauce, sliced vegetables and mozzarella cheese along with big chunks of meat in them. This pizza is available in medium and large sizes and is the ideal option for big parties.

Vegetarian Pizza

Loaded with nutrients this pizza is sure to tempt every veg pizza lover. This pizza is prepared with an egg-free recipe, making it ideal for late-night cravings.

Tandoori Pizza

This Indian-inspired delicacy is the perfect blend of red onion, bell peppers, cottage cheese and chicken. Whenever you order this from our pizza delivery Coventry, you will come back to us again to order more.

Capricosa Pizza

If you are in for the mouth-watering Italian culinary experience, this pizza is a must-buy. Capricosa pizza will make you come back to our pizza restaurant Coventry; thanks to the combination of black olives perfectly seasoned with smoked sausages and ham.

Sea Food Pizza

The combination of anchovy butter and prawns in our seafood pizza will entice every seafood lover. Your cravings for this exotic seafood pizza will never fail to satisfy your cravings.

Besides, some of the other sought-after Pizza Coventry we have on our menu are:

  • Hawaiian Pizza
  • Margherita Pizza
  • BBQ Pizza
  • Hot American Pizza
  • Pepperoni Pizza

Why Choose Us As Your Go-To Pizza Place In Coventry?

We aim towards pleasing your palate with the best treats that serve the exotic favours of our top-notch pizzas. We deserve being one of the very best Pizza Places Coventry. The tempting aroma of our freshly baked pizzas will entice you to come back time and again. Whether you are a Margherita pizza lover or someone who likes nothing but loads and loads of meat, choose us to satiate your cravings.

So, come to our place right away without looking any more for “Pizza near Coventry”. Whether you choose to eat in, order online for Pizza Delivery Coventry or take away your pizzas, our focus remains the same: Offering the best pizza in Coventry experience!

To order from the comfort of your home or anywhere else, please feel free to reach out to us at 02477923434.

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