American Hot Pizza

American Hot Pizza

American Hot Pizza

Pepperoni, Jalapenos, Red Onions

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Welcome to Flori's Pizza Shop for American Hot Pizza in Coventry, where we bring you the heat and flavour with our iconic American Hot Pizza. If you're a fan of spicy and bold flavours, this pizza is the perfect choice for you. Brace yourself for a tantalising combination of pepperoni, jalapeños and red onions that will ignite your taste buds and leave you craving more.

At Flori's Pizza Shop, we believe in delivering pizzas that are packed with flavour and excitement. Our American Hot Pizza in Coventry starts with our signature pizza dough, hand-stretched to perfection. We create a thin and crispy crust that serves as the ideal base for our fiery toppings.

The star of our American Hot Pizza is the classic pepperoni. We layer our pizza generously with slices of savoury and slightly spicy pepperoni. Each bite is a burst of bold, smoky flavours that will awaken your palate and leave you wanting another slice.

To add an extra kick, we sprinkle our pizza with fresh jalapeño peppers. These vibrant green peppers bring a delightful heat that enhances the overall flavour profile of the pizza. Their spicy and tangy notes create a perfect balance with the richness of the other ingredients, taking your taste buds on a fiery adventure.

Completing the flavour trio is the addition of red onions. These thinly sliced onions provide a touch of sweetness and a pleasant crunch to every bite. They add depth to the pizza, complementing the spiciness of the jalapeños and the savoury pepperoni.

At Flori's Pizza Shop, we take pride in our attention to detail and commitment to quality. Each American Hot Pizza is carefully crafted by our skilled pizza enthusiasts, ensuring that every slice is topped with the perfect balance of ingredients. From the precise placement of the pepperoni to the even distribution of jalapeños and red onions, we strive to create a consistent and delicious pizza every time.

Whether you're dining in, ordering for takeout or enjoying our convenient delivery service, the American Hot Pizza is sure to satisfy your cravings for bold flavours. It's the perfect choice for spice enthusiasts and those looking to add some excitement to their pizza experience.

Join us at Flori's Pizza Shop and ignite your taste buds with our American Hot Pizza Coventry. Experience the perfect blend of heat, flavour and craftsmanship that sets our pizza apart. Visit us at 189 Walsgrave Rd, Coventry CV2 4HH and embark on a flavourful pizza journey that will ignite your taste buds and leave you completely satisfied.

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