Pizza Wyken

Wyken is a suburban settlement between Walsgrave and Stoke. If you are staying in Wyken then consider dropping by Flori’s Pizza to taste some of the best pizza recipes ever!

You can either visit our pizza shop Wyken between 2 PM and 11 PM, Mondays to Thursdays or until 11:30 PM Fridays to Sundays - or order online. To deliver the orders even faster than other pizza places Wyken, we have collaborated with food delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Just Eat and Deliveroo.

We provide the opportunity to fully customise your pizza order. Call 024 7792 3434 for making such requests.

Flori’s Pizza – Ending Your Search For Pizza in Wyken

It can be tricky to find out the best pizza in Wyken when you are given multiple options. However, you may consider us to be an ideal response to ‘pizza restaurants near me’. This is because we are located within a distance of only 2 miles from Wyken and are easily accessible via the A4600.

Here’s a brief description of the items we prepare under pizza Wyken:

Capricciosa Pizza

As we finish off this pizza Capricosa with a couple of rounds of olive oil drizzle gives rise to all those fascinating flavours. Though you'll see anchovies being commonly used in Capricciosa recipes, at our place we use the freshest tuna along with prosciutto cotto, sausage and capers.

Margherita Pizza

We make the Margherita pizza quite carefully so that it remains tender and golden brown for long. As a result of the advanced convection mode used by our chefs while baking, the preparation time gets cut short.

BBQ Pizza

Wondering what can be a good pizza for sharing?

The signature BBQ pizza is going to be your safest bet! It includes freshly ground pepper, smoked cheddar and the amount of mozzarella you need. All these ingredients cover the goodness of exotic rotisserie, which we freshly prepare in our kitchen.

Either enjoy this delicacy by visiting our restaurant or opt for pizza delivery Wyken.

Hawaiian Pizza

Those who have tasted this already probably would love to have some more.

It's an underrated gem in our pizza menu that includes the divine taste of pineapples combined with cheese and ham. Inspired by the traditional Hawaiian pizza, this can be your perfect hangout food option.

Vegetarian Supreme Pizza

The veg supreme pizza holds the potential to give you an unforgettable eating experience.

Bored of having meaty combinations in your pizzas?

Then consider this to be a must-try. It comes with a rack of broccolis, tomatoes, red onions, and bell peppers. All of these get evenly covered with your favourite parmesan cheese.

Sea Food Pizza

This pizza is a loveable piece for all prawn and tuna lovers. You can order it in three different sizes – small, medium and large and give a boost to your mood.

Tandoori Pizza

Almost came on the verge of giving up on your searches for Tandoori pizza near Wyken?

Count on us instead. We make authentic Tandoori pizza from scratch, right from the Tandoori marination to baking. This brings the most original flavour possible.

Meat Supreme Pizza

It’s an ideal meat lover’s pizza that goes well on party nights.

Either consider enjoying it by visiting or ordering it at your home or workplace. We carefully prepare it to make it extra tasty.

American Hot Pizza

We included this very special American-style deep-pan pizza for the old-school calorie-packed pizza lovers. You can customise this order by calling us to ensure we include your favourite meat categories while making it.

Flori’s Pizza

Are you eager on finding out what our house-special pizza may taste like?

Introducing to you our few own innovations – the Flori's Pizza. It's a perfectly herbed, pepperoni-smacked and meatball-stuffed pizza that can literally fit into any party.

Pepperoni Pizza

Our grilled pepperoni can be your favourite companion while enjoying a movie night at home. Don’t forget to add the extra spice with crushed pepper flakes if the jalapeno slices seem not enough. This is one of our most distinguishable preparations among other pizza places Wyken.

Hope you liked our list of pizzas!

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