Pizza Willenhall

Willenhall is an old market town lying beside River Tame in Walsall. If you are looking for the best pizza in Willenhall then try the items listed on the menu of Flori’s Pizza.

We have a full-fledged website to cater to your requests related to ‘pizza delivery near me'. You may order a variety of side orders too like BBQ chicken wings, crispy mozzarella sticks, chicken strips, etc. besides our exclusive pizza collection.

The restaurant stays open from 2 PM to 11 PM on all days. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays until 11:30 PM.

Consider driving by Humber Road to reach us within 10 minutes. If the traffic conditions seem unfavourable you may also drive via London Road or A4114 motorway to reach us at the earliest.

No need to leave the house

Just order online and we will bring Pizzas, side dishes, drinks and desserts to your doorstep!

Flori's Pizza – Your One-Stop Pizza Shop Willenhall

Take a look at our elaborate menu of pizzas that we make following certain food safety precautions:

Meat Supreme Pizza

Our restaurant's meat-loaded pizza has to offer two different types of cheese. Also, your taste buds get to explore the finest of cooked ham, pepperoni and hot sausage while you bite into each slice. Order it in small, medium or large sizes as you wish!

Vegetarian Supreme Pizza

Plain regular veggies that you have in daily life taste a lot better when covered with cheese and spiced up with the right seasonings, isn’t it?

We make the best vegetarian pizza near Willenhall drenched in pesto-ricotta sauce and mozzarella cheese. It holds the potential to be your guest’s next dinner treat that’ll be arguably hard to deny!

Capricciosa Pizza

As an authentic Capricciosa should be baked in a wood-fired oven, we do not deviate from it either. It helps us to evenly cook all the delectable ingredients like prosciutto cotto, champignon, olives and the pizza base itself.

Next time you feel like searching for a pizza restaurant Willenhall, order from us instead.

American Hot Pizza

This menu item will be a blessing for all those who particularly like a saucy base. The toppings are also divine including perfectly seared salamis, jalapenos and grated mozzarella. Consider enjoying it if you are craving a rich meaty treat.

Flori’s Pizza

This pizza has lots of positive reviews and ratings as you’ll see on our website. It contains fiery jalapenos, crumbled smoked sausages, pepperoni and meatballs – simply all the good stuff in one place.

If you are already satisfied with our menu planning upon locating us against ‘pizza open near me’, consider trying this house-special item once!

Tandoori Pizza

Wishing to locate pizza places Willenhall that serve Indian-inspired pizzas covered with Tandoori sauce?

Flori's Pizza is the place for you. We have the perfect balance of chicken and other complementing toppings on your Tandoori pizza. Most importantly, it gets ready just in 15 minutes.

Sea Food Pizza

It is tough not to like this shrimp and tuna-loaded seafood pizza recipe especially when it’s made by us.

Both, the appearance and aroma of our seafood pizza have won the hearts of patrons over and over again. We highly recommend you try this at our pizza open Willenhall.

BBQ Pizza

Want to explore tanginess and sweetness in modern European cuisine at once?

The BBQ pizza can be an ideal choice in this case. This dish holds the potential to be your most amazing dinner in recent times.

Hawaiian Pizza

For many who have discovered us with searches similar to a ‘pizza shop near me’ this variant is the yummiest pizza ever!

Cured ham, lots of cheese, pineapple slices and crumbled sausages are its main ingredients.

Pepperoni Pizza

We can serve you the best pepperoni pizza taking the least turnaround time. Consider it a party favourite. Also, you can store it for eating later.

Margherita Pizza

Delightfully basic, yet wholly flavoursome, the Margherita that you'll find at our place, is made using 100% organic ingredients. Our pizza chefs carefully grease the crust and add some grated fresh Parmesan to finish off the item. It will be a feast for you and your family on any occasion.

We are hoping to serve you at our restaurant or at home soon.

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