Pizza Whoberley

Whoberley is a quiet suburb placed very close to the Coventry city centre. For all the pizza lovers staying in Whoberley, Flori's Pizza has introduced a wide range of flavoursome pizzas. Therefore, you can stop looking for a 'pizza restaurant near me' and order your favourites by visiting our website. Also, we will be more than happy to accept your order over a call.

Our Role As A Pizza Restaurant Whoberley

We are located at 189 Walsgrave Rd, Coventry CV2 4HH. This address is roughly 12 minutes away from Whoberley and easily accessible via the B4101 motorway.

We follow the instructions as mandated by FHRS to avoid allergic instances. Also, as a responsible pizza shop Whoberley, we have tied up with reputed delivery partners like Deliveroo, Uber Eats, Just Eat, etc. to ensure swift delivery of orders.

Take A Look At What We Make For Pizza Delivery Whoberley

Here you will see each of the options that have their separate fan base. You may also avail any of these pizzas while dining in at the restaurant.

Meat Supreme Pizza

Who doesn't love a medium or large-sized meat-loaded pizza with a marinara sauce base?

We make it more appealing by adding your favourite vegetables in slices and coating them with mozzarella. Indulge yourself in this tasty treat while successfully ending your quest for the best pizza in Whoberley.

Vegetarian Supreme Pizza

Our vegetarian pizza is not only delicious but also has a rich nutritional value. It's an egg-free preparation with a low-calorie count, perfect for a late-night treat.

Margherita Pizza

The Margherita is another great option for you especially when you are craving a brilliantly basic pizza. Its principal ingredients include plum tomatoes, chopped basil, soft mozzarella and our classic in-house sauce.

We are a responsible pizza shop Whoberley that’s ready to share the dish ingredients with our customers to let them know what they are actually ordering.

Tandoori Pizza

If you love an exquisitely spiced-up pizza base, would you ignore a classic Tandoori pizza?

We bet you won't! Our very own Tandoor-style pizza is an Indian-inspired delicacy that contains Tandoori mayonnaise, bell peppers, red onion and chicken/cottage cheese as the main ingredients.

Capricciosa Pizza

Authentic Italian cuisine lovers can’t deny this Capricciosa on any day!

It is a leading item on our restaurant's menu with a highly flavoursome base that takes lots of time to dry out. Its rim is so soft that you won't be able to leave a single bite behind.

American Hot Pizza

Deep-pan pizza lovers want this pizza on their plates now and then. It gets a perfectly caramelised look with the goodness of ham and crumbled bacon.

BBQ Pizza

The BBQ pizza is a favourite among first-timers visiting our place after discovering the restaurant while searching for the 'best pizza near me’. It is great for you if you like ham and tangy essence in your food.

Flori’s Pizza

Who wants to taste our house-special pizza?

Well, here it is! We prepare it with all the goodness of pepperoni, smoked sausage, meatballs and jalapenos.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza is the party’s missing element as many people in Coventry would agree to it. It's a quick and affordable solution too when you are craving something super delicious on the weekends.

Hawaiian Pizza

If you like a sweet twist of pineapples in your pizza, then the Hawaiian pizza toppings and base would amuse you. The ingredients are chopped and added in perfect balance as any Chef would do while preparing this one.

Sea Food Pizza

Seafood pizza lovers have rated our prawn-packed pizza highly across social media as you would witness it. It's incredibly yummy and gets ready in under 20 minutes. To put it simply, whenever you come across Coventry, quickly you can visit us to try this.

Consider our restaurant for pizza Whoberley open throughout the week from 2 PM to 11 PM from Monday to Thursday and 11:30 PM Fridays to Sundays.

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