Pizza Keresley Heath

Calling all pizza lovers in Keresley Heath!

Our pizza restaurant Keresley Heath boasts an extensive menu that caters to diverse taste preferences. You can stop wasting time looking for "pizza restaurants near me" since we have you covered with our wide range of pizza options. You can order your favourable treat through our website or using Deliveroo, Uber Eats, or Just Eat.

Our pizza bakers go above and beyond for your happiness. We take extra care and ensure your order arrives wonderfully fresh and not at all dry. We carefully follow orders with detailed directions to make sure your food is cooked to your exact specifications.

Stop searching and choose us for delectable pizzas! Reach out to us at +44 24 7792 3434 for the best pizza delivery Keresley Heath. We're here to cater to all your pizza cravings and more.

Our Pizza Menu

Our extensive menu is largely due to our fame as a leading pizza restaurant Keresley Heath. It contains:

Flori’s Pizza

This is our house-special pizza, which comes in Small, Medium, and Large sizes. You're in for a treat if you appreciate meat and a variety of savoury flavours on your pizza.

Meat Supreme Pizza

Enjoy a delicious supper pizza that has been expertly prepared and is topped with a scrumptious blend of bacon, gammon, hot sausages and pepperoni.

Margherita Pizza

Our famous Margherita is a treat for every pizza lover. It has a fresh mixture of parmesan and mozzarella that will have you needing more, as well as a tangy, savoury tomato sauce.

Vegetarian Supreme Pizza

The Supreme Veggie Pizza was expertly created in response to the significant demand for vegetarian pizza in and around Coventry. We use the most succulent sweet corn, onions and fiery paprika in this scrumptious dish, which guarantees an unmatched experience.

Capricciosa Pizza

We provide a variety of alternatives to the traditional Capricosa for people who love real thin-crust Italian pizza. Enjoy our particular recipe, which combines cured gammon, white mushrooms, marinated artichokes, olives and basil.

Tandoori Pizza

Our 15-minute-ready red Tandoori pizza, which is served sizzling hot with freshly made and evenly cooked ingredients, is a must-try. This pizza is for those who enjoy spicy food. With just the correct quantity of meat and cheese combination, this pizza will satisfy your spicy food cravings.

American Pizza

Do you want to finish your weekend with a delicious deep-pan pizza?

Try our American-style pizza; we sear it with caster sugar and red wine, giving it a distinct flavour from the rest of our menu.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza lovers adore us as their go-to restaurant. You can rely on us to be open and prepared to bring you the most scrumptious pizzas Keresley Heath every day from 2 PM to 11 PM (11:30 PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

BBQ Pizza

Our chefs have the skill to create delicious BBQ pizzas that include aromatic cilantro and the smoky flavour of the meat.

Sea Food Pizza

Those who enjoy the flavour of prawns and anchovy butter should naturally crave seafood after eating this item. You can customise and give us instructions on how to increase the amount of courgette or olives to make it taste even healthier.

Hawaiian Pizza

It's not just your typical non-vegetarian pizza; it also contains pieces of pineapple. Consider checking it out once at Flori's Pizza if you haven't before.

Apart from the pizzas mentioned above, you can certainly also customise and create your own pizza.

With all these varieties, you no longer need to look for another pizza joint in your location. Drive down the Beake Avenue and reach our place in just fifteen minutes from your location.

We are always ready to welcome you to our restaurant!

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