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Are you a resident of Foleshill?

If yes, then visit us to enjoy pizza Foleshill. This suburban block has very few noteworthy options unless you know about Flori’s Pizza. We serve tantalising European cuisine featuring a wholesome list of pizza recipes too. This allows our patrons to stop their searches for the ‘best-rated pizza places near me’ and trust our team instead.

For prompt services related to pizza delivery Foleshill, make sure to call us at +44 24 7792 3434. We come up with unique surprises for our customers each time!

All Items We Offer As A Pizza Restaurant Foleshill

We have carefully selected the pizzas on our menu upon seeing which items are most liked by our customers.

Here's what we currently have to offer for pizza in Foleshill:

Margherita Pizza

Savour our perfectly creamy Margherita pizza on your weekend movie night. While making this preparation the chefs tactfully layer the toppings to churn out the desired flavour. Also, its preparation is storage-friendly so you may pack up a stock for eating later with your family and friends.

Hawaiian Pizza

Keeping in mind the trend of staying fit and calorie-conscious our cooks use lean stripped bacon while preparing the classic Hawaiian pizza. Its awesome flavour elevates with a sweet twist as we add those sweet pineapple slices to the right quantity.

BBQ Pizza

Flaunting strips of cheese, and a fantastic marinade for our meat makes our BBQ pizza recipe stand out and we highly recommend it for sharing.

Vegetarian Pizza

A perfectly baked veggie supreme pizza is all we can offer to the vegetarians out there looking for an exceptional treat comprising tomato, onion, broccoli and bell pepper. When served with a delicately seasoned pesto and ricotta mixture, it ensures a party to the taste buds.

Meat Supreme Pizza

Manifesting a hot 14-inch meat-loaded pizza right now?

We deliver it to your doorstep. All you have to do is stop posting queries like ‘best pizza shop Foleshill’ and give us a call. This recipe includes crumbled sausage on the top, delightful mozzarella cheese and lots of mushrooms and bell peppers – just the way classic pizza enthusiasts would like it.

American Hot Pizza

Are you dissolved in deep-pan American-style pizzas?

Among all your viable options for ‘pizza open near me’, we can prepare this dish authentically finishing it off with dashes of Tabasco and Worcestershire sauces. The crust will be thick and stretchy with most of its goodness accumulated surrounding the centre.

Tandoori Pizza

This is an Indian Tandoor-inspired pizza with loads of marinated chicken or cottage cheese and a handful of vegetables. The preparation time is slightly longer, and it tastes even better with some grated cheese on top.

Sea Food Pizza

Looking for a 'seafood pizza restaurant near me'?

Consider dropping by 189 Walsgrave Road to get your wishes answered right away! Our steaming hot seafood pizza includes plenty of black olives, shrimp, sweet corn and tuna. This package locks a burst of flavours right with each bite.

Capricciosa Pizza

Our restaurant's Capricciosa is incomplete with prosciutto crudo and delightfully seasoned mozzarella. The chefs additionally pay attention while it's getting baked to ensure the sides get perfectly leavened.

Pepperoni Pizza

Whenever the next time you head to search for ‘pizza delivery near me', remember Flori's Pizza serves some of the best pepperoni pizzas in town. You can either place an order on our website or let us know through Just Eat.

Flori’s Pizza

If you haven't tried our restaurant's special pizza yet, then consider ordering once. We prepare Flori's pizza on a pan giving it a desired golden-brown crust and even cheese spread. As you walk into the restaurant the staffs serve it to you immediately with each desired garnishing in place.

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