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Edgwick is a residential block that shares a strategic location between the districts of Foleshill and Great Heath. Flori's Pizza, a modern European-style restaurant serving the best pizza in Edgwick, is located only 1.7 miles away in Coventry. You can drive by Swan Lane to reach this place in less than 10 minutes.

For all the lovers of pizza Edgwick, we have an elaborate menu. It helps us cater customers having varied taste preferences. So, the next time you feel like searching ‘restaurants selling pizza near me’, consider visiting us or placing an order online.

We Provide Everything You Need To Stop Searching For A Pizza Delivery Edgwick

The residents of Edgwick can place online pizza orders by visiting our website. Also, you can use websites like Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat to perform the same action.

Our gastronomical experts take extra precautions to end your relentless searches for a pizza delivery near me'. For instance, big orders that would require a bit more time than usual to get delivered are treated with adequate basting to make sure the customers do not receive a dry pizza.

Similarly, we pay detailed attention while preparing food orders that come with additional instructions.

For everything you need, we are just a call away. Feel free to call +44 24 7792 3434 to get served by the best pizza restaurant Edgwick.

Take A Look At Our Pizza Menu

Our prominence as a pizza shop Edgwick is hugely responsible for our diversified menu. It includes:

Flori’s Pizza

This is our house-special pizza that is available in three different size options – Small, Medium and Large. If you are someone who likes to enjoy a variety of meats assembled on their pizza, then most likely you would love this too.

Meat Supreme Pizza

If you have arrived at your doorstep looking for a ‘pizza restaurant near me serving delicious meat lover’s pizza' then this one's highly recommended. It is a perfectly baked dinner pizza featuring mind-blowing bacon, ham, hot sausages and pepperoni – a treat to long for.

Margherita Pizza

This one’s a pop of joy for all the pizza fanatics living in and around Coventry. Our signature Margherita includes sharp flavourful tomato sauce and a fresh mix of cheeses.

Vegetarian Supreme Pizza

Keeping in mind the high demand for vegetarian pizza in Edgwick we have playfully arranged its recipe to churn out a marvellous treat. Your supreme veggie pan-seared pizza comprises the juiciest sweet corn, onion and hot Paprika giving rise to an eating experience like never before.

Capricciosa Pizza

It is a great option for authentic thin-crust Italian pizza eaters. We can pull off certain variations from the classic Capricciosa that includes marinated artichoke, white mushrooms, cured ham, olives and basil leaves.

Tandoori Pizza

Haven’t you yet come across pizza places Edgwick serving ‘spicy Indian-style Tandoori pizza’?

We can provide that missing element in your bucket list by offering our very own red hot Tandoori pizza. It gets ready within 15 minutes, and we serve it hot with the seasonings fresh and evenly cooked.

American Pizza

Wishing to finish off the weekend with a deep-pan pizza lately?

Its unique taste stands out from other options in this list.

Pepperoni Pizza

Signature Pepperoni pizza lovers find us to be their go-to place. Consider our shop to be your new, favourite pizza place Edgwick. We are here for you between 2 PM and 11 PM Mondays to Thursdays and until 11:30 PM Fridays to Sundays.

BBQ Pizza

Our chefs have sufficient experienced in making super tasty BBQ chicken pizzas that come with a fresh dose of cilantro and smoky essence of meat.

Sea Food Pizza

This item is meant to produce a natural craving for seafood among people who favour the taste of shrimp and fish. You are always welcome to instruct us on adding some extra ingredients to make its taste even more wholesome.

Hawaiian Pizza

It’s not just your regular non-veg pizza but it includes slices of pineapple in it. If you haven’t tried it out yet, then consider Flori’s Pizza to explore it once.

We are hoping to serve you soon!

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