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Earlsdon is an electoral ward located only one mile away from Coventry. If you haven't found any great pizza restaurants along Earlsdon Street, then consider visiting Flori’s Pizza.

We have become the reason for many to stop their quest for ‘best-rated pizza near me’. Our shop attends the customers from 2 PM to 11 PM (11:30 PM Fridays to Sundays).

Consider stopping your searches related to ‘pizza delivery near me' and instead, order by visiting the official website of Flori’s Pizza.

Wish to communicate any special delivery requests to our agents?

You can easily do that by calling +44 24 7792 3434. We have many positive online reviews in terms of prompt customer support posted across various food ordering platforms.

Check Out Our Menu Options For Pizza Earlsdon

While making pizza in Earlsdon, we prioritise the likeability of the individual menu items and plan our marketing accordingly. So here you may see the top-rated pizzas:

BBQ Pizza

While making the signature BBQ pizza our cooks always use the best ingredients. Although the recipe is straightforward, the way we combine its six delectable ingredients helps recreate the epic bake.

Instead of wasting your time searching ‘pizza places near me’, consider ordering a sizzling hot BBQ pizza from us.

Vegetarian Supreme Pizza

Who asked for a flurry of colours and awesome crunchiness in their classic veg pizza?

If that’s you then we can be the most suitable pizza partner over a long period. Our Vegetarian Supreme is packed with tasty mozzarella and spicy Red Paprika – a heavenly combination for the old school pizza lovers!

Meat Supreme Pizza

To put it simply, this is a star-category item in our menu that turns out to be a perfect addition to weekend celebrations.

You experience the combined delight of mozzarella and parmesan each time your order this cheesilicious meat lover’s pizza.

Pepperoni Pizza

Wondering what can be the best pizza in Earlsdon?

We highly suggest you go with our Pepperoni pizza variations. Our cooks will cooperate with you in each step of vegetable, meat and topping selection so that you can get the best pizza assembled for yourself right from the comfort of your couch.

Repeatedly got stuck amidst searches for late-night pizza open Earlsdon?

Get in touch with us. We serve customers till 11:30 PM on the weekends.

Margherita Pizza

You can’t go wrong with the classic Margherita pizza. From kneading to baking, our cooks never hurry a step to ensure that you experience the most original flavours.

Hawaiian Pizza

As many other pizza critics would agree, we also think that Hawaiian pizza is underrated. When you taste the unique coalescence of ham, pineapple and cheese, surely the heart goes dancing!

Flori’s Pizza

The in-house wonder, i.e., the Flori’s pizza is surely worth an attempt. All the non-veg pizza lovers will crave another bite of it when they taste the creamy offerings jumbled with meatballs, pepperoni and smoked sausages.

Tandoori Pizza

How about a desi-style pizza that offers Tandoori mayo base?

You won’t regret trying our finest Tandoori pizza recipes once you set foot at the restaurant. Having the perfect taste balance with Mozzarella cheese, this one's a banger on our list.

Capricciosa Pizza

If you have arrived at this page searching for 'trendy pizza shop near me', then we insist you try this item. It is an improved version of the classic Italian Capricciosa using artichoke, prosciutto, olives and basil.

American Hot Pizza

You should try this preparation with a well-made bitter leaf salad. Very few outlets may serve the American Hot Pizza in the right way. So, visit us instead of looking for 'a pizza restaurant near me’,

Here, we top it up with marinated jalapenos, grated cheese and 2 salamis, just the way it should be!

Sea Food Pizza

This pizza is a blessing for all seafood lovers as they indulge themselves in a cheese-loaded pizza that's garnished with pink and firm seafood.

Did you like any of the options from this list?

Let us know by calling or placing an order online!

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