Pizza Daimler Green

Situated two miles north of the Coventry city centre, Daimler Green is a residential zone with medium housing density. If you are staying here and constantly posting queries related to ‘pizza places near me’, then you should know the menu offerings of Flori’s Pizza.

We are a modern European food joint offering both dine-in and delivery options for our customers.

Looking for the best pizza in Daimler Green?

Surely, we can turn out to be your go-to destination from now on. Considering the Radford Road to be your first choice for commuting to our place, it should take not more than 8 minutes to reach us.

We are located in Coventry CV2 4HH and operate from 2 PM to 11 PM Monday to Thursday. While between Fridays and Sundays, we serve pizza near Daimler Green between 2 PM and 11:30 PM.

Here’s What We Usually Serve As A Pizza Restaurant Daimler Green

Here we have listed the menu options so that you can feel a bit at ease with their preparation:

Margherita Pizza

The creamy delights that one wishes to immerse in whenever they order a Margherita can certainly be felt at Flori's Pizza. Our pizza chefs use the freshest plum tomatoes to make their saucy base from scratch.

Pepperoni Pizza

Craving a large-size pepperoni pizza on a calm and quiet Sunday evening?

You can simply place your order by calling +44 24 7792 3434. Once we receive it, we freshly bake it for you and get it delivered to you in no time.

Meat Supreme Pizza

Among the other pizza places near Daimler Green, you would remember us for this creation in particular. Whether it is the masterfully baked thin crust or the perfectly seared bacon, ham and sausage toppings, many reasons compel the meat lovers of Coventry to visit us time and again.

Vegetarian Supreme Pizza

Struggling to get answers for a 'vegetarian pizza shop near me'?

Try out our outlet’s innovative recipe that is crafted with 100% mozzarella cheese and a host of colourful vegetables.

Undoubtedly the pizza gets double yummy when you combine it with Flori’s Pizza’s Saver’s Deal!

BBQ Pizza

The 12-inch and 14-inch BBQ pizzas are among the best-sellers of our business. The customers have heavily praised this pizza’s unbeatable burst of flavours and thick-style crust.

Hawaiian Pizza

This item on our menu is not just your regular pineapple pizza. The Hawaiian pizza served at our place, brings in a melange of sweet, cheesy and savoury senses that please most pizza enthusiasts.

Sea Food Pizza

Are you familiar with the sight of sprinkled basil over cheesy and golden shrimps?

We do that here too. Your love for garlic-aromatised seafood pizza will escalate further once you try this preparation.

Flori’s Pizza

This one’s a treat for all the smoked sausage lovers out there!

If you are looking for lip-smacking pizza Daimler Green, then it will be worth your time trying this. Stuffed with pepperoni, jalapenos and meatballs, this pizza is close to our heart.

Tandoori Pizza

The Tandoori pizza features an Indian-inspired pizza base comprising a spicy mayo mix, diced chicken, onions, capsicum, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It is a no-nonsense delicious item featured on our menu that gets ready in under 20 minutes.

Capricciosa Pizza

Heard of the classic Italian Capricciosa?

This preparation features the classic white mushrooms and the juiciest baked ham. If you haven't experienced its marvellous taste yet, then maybe it's worth giving it a try at our place. We also do pizza delivery Daimler Green throughout the week. So, you may try out that too!

American Hot Pizza

This is a popular choice among deep-pan pizza lovers. Its caramelised appearance and sliced jalapeno toppings masked with spicy salami are arguably the elements that can save you from hosting a dull party!

We hope to serve you soon at our place or at yours!

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