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The suburb of Binley is located in Coventry. This area evolved from a small hamlet to today’s large residential area that includes council-owned properties and private residences. With the growing number of residents in this area, the urge for food places and restaurants has been increasing in Binley.

So, residents looking for pizza places Binley can now reach Flori’s Pizza to satiate their cheesy cravings.

We are a popular pizza shop Binley serving a wide variety of pizzas and side menus to cater to the foodie souls. Want to dine in at our food joint? Please reach 189 Walsgrave Rd, Coventry CV2 4HH. We are approximately 7 minutes away if you travel via Walsgrave Rd/A4600 and A428.

Want to have a soulful meal in the afternoon or a spicy evening snack? Visit us between 2 pm to 11 pm and treat your taste buds with some finger-licking flavours.

Note: We extend our service till 11:30 pm on weekends.

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What We Serve As A Pizza Restaurant Binley?

We focus on satisfying every customer with a heavenly flavour of cheese-crusted bread topped with delicious savoury spices. Thus, our menu includes a wide variety of pizza in Binley. Here’s a glance at our menu:

Hawaiian Pizza

If you favour unique flavours in a single plate, this variant is sure to satiate your gluttony at its best. The perfect blend of sweet pineapple and savoury mushroom and ham adds a distinctive flavour to this item.

Margherita Pizza

This variant is a soulful retreat for cheese lovers. What makes this menu special is its simple and fresh toppings of mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes, tomato sauce, and selective herbs and spices.

Vegetarian Supreme Pizza

Want some wholesome yet tasty bite? Try this veg variant to treat your tongue with fresh, juicy vegetables and the perfect blend of cheese and pizza sauce. Our vegetarian supreme pizza includes mushrooms, mixed peppers, onions, tomatoes, sweet corn, and black olives.

Meat Supreme Pizza

All the meat lovers out there check out this delectable flavour of smoked sausage, meatballs, ham, pepperoni, and spicy beef. This meat-loaded variant melts in your mouth exotically with cheese and other flavoursome spices.

Pepperoni Pizza

This classic variant is topped with pepperoni, cheese and tomato sauce for a flavourful treat to your appetite.

Sea Food Pizza

Does the smell of fried prawns charge your soul? Then, you must try our seafood variant loaded with prawns, tuna, sweet corn, and black olives.

American Hot Pizza

Want a hot and spicy outburst in every bite? Try out the American hot pizza topped with spicy pepperoni, jalapenos, and red onions.

Tandoori Pizza

Enjoy the spicy and juicy chicken tandoori toppings on your cheesy bread crust and let your mouth fill with a delicious Indian flavour. We use marinated tandoori chicken, onions, and bell peppers as toppings to maintain the authentic Indian taste.

Capricciossa Pizza

Try out this classic Italian variant topped with black olives, ham, and smoked sausages. The perfect blend of meat and spices will enhance your taste buds perfectly.

BBQ Pizza

If you want to try out the best pizza in Binley, go for our BBQ variant. We use chicken, smoked sausage, onions, mixed peppers, and a dash of BBQ sauce to boost your taste buds with smoky goodness.

Flori’s Pizza

Our chef’s special menu, Flori’s Pizza, serves you a plate full of cheesy bread crust topped with meatballs, pepperoni, smoked sausages, and jalapenos. Enjoy this signature dish and end your delicious “pizza shop near me” searches with us!

Looking for more? Check out some more of our offerings!

Side Menu

To make your pizza party more flavourful, you can try our side orders which include the following:

  • BBQ Chicken Wings
  • Potato Wedges
  • Garlic Pizza Bread
  • Chicken Nuggets, etc.


How about sipping some energising drink while eating your favourite slice of pizza? Check out the drinks available at our joint:

  • Coca Cola
  • Fanta
  • Fruitshoot Apple & Orange, and much more...


You can also treat your sweet tooth with ice cream or other desserts from our menu.

Want to order? Call us on +44 24 7792 3434!

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